Zip World

Zip World

Zip World


23 September 2013

Penrhyn Quarry, Bethesda

SH 62228 65513; 53.16883°N, 4.06249°W


Zip World, site of the longest zip line in the northern hemisphere, opened in a disused part of Penrhyn Quarry in March 2013. The adventure attraction was created by ex-Royal Marine skydiver Sean Taylor, who also runs the Tree Top Adventure centre in Betws-y-coed.

The 1600m-long Big Zipper is also claimed to be the world’s fastest, with maximum speeds of over 100 mph. The shorter Little Zipper is 450m long and has a maximum speed of 45 mph.

Zip World Snowdonia;
Mile-long zip wire unveiled in Wales (Telegraph Travel);
Penrhyn Quarry


The Little Zipper (450m long)

The Little Zipper (450m long)

The Little Zipper (450m long)

The Little Zipper (450m long)

The Little Zipper (450m long)

The Little Zipper (450m long)

Before the flight

Before the flight


8 thoughts on “Zip World

  1. This looks fabulous! It would be wonderful if these were installed on the way down from Rhosydd, Clogwyn-y-Fiwch, Craig Ddu and several other sites to save my injured knees!
    I love the logo, it has a very Flintstone’s feel to it. How did your daughter enjoy the experience? Frankly I wouldn’t have the nerve!

    • Yes, that would certainly also save some time on the way back down!

      Tara went there with the Brownies and was thrilled to be going. She thoroughly enjoyed the experience – so much so that she wants to go on the Big Zipper next year when she is old enough.

      My only quibble is that Zip World is illegally using one of my photographs to promote their commercial interests on this page of their website and seem to be ignoring my emails on the matter… Watch this space!

  2. Well it’s one way of seeing the quarries if you’re in a rush, would prefer to take my time wandering round. Or maybe I’ve missed the point……..

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