Kingsway Tunnel

Kingsway Tunnel

Kingsway Tunnel


23 May 2015

Liverpool to Wallasey

SJ 34465 91503; 53.41622°N, 2.98748°W


A railway tunnel below the River Mersey, linking Liverpool with the Wirral peninsula, was opened in 1886. However, by the 1920s there were growing problems with traffic congestion from motor vehicles waiting for ferries to cross the river. Construction of the Queensway Tunnel was therefore started in 1925 with the tunnel opening in 1934. At 2 miles long, this was at the time the world’s longest underwater tunnel. The 1.5-mile-long, twin-tube Kingsway Tunnel was opened in 1971 after five years’ construction as a second toll road crossing in order to alleviate congestion in the Queensway Tunnel. The Kingsway is currently used by some 45,000 vehicles per day and the Queensway by 35,000. In November 2014 it was announced that plans for an £8 million, two-year project to replace the Kingsway Tunnel’s original lighting with 1,700 LED lights had been approved. The work is to be carried out during scheduled maintenance closures and is set to save £66,000 in electricity costs per year.

Kingsway Tunnel

Kingsway Tunnel


13 thoughts on “Kingsway Tunnel

  1. I got pulled over by a bored policeman on here once. I hadn’t done anything wrong, he didn’t issue me with a ticket, he just had a not huge chip on his shoulder and was clearly bored on a quiet Sunday evening. What was interesting though was that the tunnels have their own Police force, which is separate from the Merseyside force.

  2. Super photos, Graham! I used to use the Clyde tunnel every day for some years, it’s quite a claustrophobic one…although they all are I guess. I have a bad memory of driving through the Dartford Tunnel shortly after passing my test…I think that’s the one that curves sharply- I’ve never been back! I can confirm what Andy says, my Grandad was a policeman at Manchester Airport back when it was “Ringway”.

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