Llanddona Transmitting Station

Llanddona Transmitting Station

Llanddona Transmitting Station


10 July 2015


Llanddona, Anglesey
SH 58338 81392; 53.31044°N, 4.12770°W


The transmitting station at Llanddona was built by the BBC in 1958 and is now owned by telecommunications infrastructure company Arqiva, which operates all the TV and most of the radio transmitters in the UK. Llanddona’s television transmitter switched over from analogue to digital in 2009. Its mast is 107 m tall and it covers most of Anglesey and large parts of the North Wales coast.

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5 thoughts on “Llanddona Transmitting Station

  1. love these, they’re so cool, great shot of it in the hillside and interesting dark green shapes in the field.We have one I see on the way to Consett and it’s 149m, lol now I’m going to have to go and get a photo of it, am such a geek! 🙂

  2. Very nicely caught- I love the mountains just seen on the horizon. A brave choice to leave so much featureless foreground on the left, but with the trackway it really works and strengthens the composition.

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