IKEA, Warrington

IKEA, Warrington


17 April 2016


Gemini Retail Park, Warrington
SJ 58485 91311; 53.41694°N, 2.62609°W

IKEA, Warrington

IKEA, Warrington

IKEA, Warrington

IKEA, Warrington

IKEA, Warrington

IKEA, Warrington

17 thoughts on “IKEA

  1. Did you post this for a reason today? Today was opening day for the first IKEA in Las Vegas. I have been watching the progression since we first moved into our new offices in November. It is right across the street from us and their parking lot is full with spillover onto the streets and in a vacant lot. Our parking lot has been roped off today and we have to show ID to get in. What fun!

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  2. A nice series of variations on blue with a typeface…neat! I’m sitting at my Ikea workstation, illuminated by my Ikea lamp and sitting on my Ikea chair, but I couldn’t face going to the store, I had them deliver:-) Ikea in Las Vegas…the mind boggles with the contradictions and improbability of it all. I guess ordinary folk live there who need lamps and tables too 🙂

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    • Thanks, Iain. We have IKEA chairs and bookcases at home – no lamps though (but several wall clocks). I used to quite enjoy visiting their stores, but this time I was far more interested in looking for abstract compositions on the exterior than contending with the one-way mass people conveyor of a route through the showroom.


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