The Great Strait Raft Run I

Great Strait Raft Run


4 June 2017


Britannia Bridge
SH 54165 70870; 53.21480°N, 4.18546°W


The Great Strait Raft Run is an annual event that raises funds for local causes. The route along the Menai Strait is approximately 6 km long and starts from Y Felinheli and ends in Menai Bridge, passing under the Britannia Bridge, past Ynys Gored Goch, and under the Menai Suspension Bridge. The raft run started in 1984 but was discontinued later that decade with it being restarted in 2002.

Further Reading

Great Strait Raft Run (official site);
Britannia Bridge;
Menai Strait

Great Strait Raft Run

Great Strait Raft Run


#20 Windymillers


#26 Robinsons Troopers

#7 Team Travis

#30 Beech Developments

#15 Stokey Blokes Rejects


#18 Rebel Rejects – reversing under the bridge!

#14 Ar y Fenaid i

#19 Anglesey Rebels

#21 Captain Mogyn

#5 Stands Out

#11 Murphy Mob v #12 Bright Sparks

#11 Murphy Mob

#12 Bright Sparks


#24 Disney Llanber

#23 Ysgol Plas Cefndy

#17 Penrhyn & the Agronauts

#8 On The Edge

#29 Turtley Insane

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