Hydro Ogwen Scheme

Weir above Ogwen Bank Falls


25 June 2017


Ogwen Bank, Bethesda
SH 62608 65410; 53.16801°N, 4.05676°W


Hydro Ogwen is a community hydro-electric generation scheme on the Afon Ogwen owned and operated by Ynni Ogwen Cyf (Ogwen Energy Ltd), a company established in 2015 to complete the development of the project and to manage it thereafter. The venture was financed by £450k raised via a community share offer and profits are to be distributed for the benefit of the local community.

Family-run contractors Gwyn Roberts Construction, based near Bala, carried out the building work, which started in July 2016 and was mostly completed by March 2017. The 100 kW generator, whose estimated annual output will be 500 MWh, is driven by a turbine fed via a 900 mm diameter pipe buried under the Lon Las Ogwen path with water abstracted from the intake weir, approximately 300 m upstream, just above the waterfalls at Ogwen Bank.

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Intake at the weir



Pipe intake chamber

Pipe intake chamber

Lon Las Ogwen path. The 900 mm diameter water pipe is buried under the path.

Turbine House, clad with larch and roofed with local Welsh slate

Turbine House, located approximately 300 m downstream of the weir


Electrical Meter Cabinet

Electrical Meter Cabinet

Pole Transformer

Waterfall below the weir (compare with a previous shot of the river in spate (from 2011))

4 thoughts on “Hydro Ogwen Scheme

  1. Nice to see the appropriate use of Hydro Power, to benefit the community in a discrete and sustainable way that doesn’t ransack the landscape in the process. Lovely photos, as we have come to expect from you, Graham 🙂

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  3. Shame that the shares were over-priced which precluded the poor of Bethesda from enjoying the benefits and the involvement. The Co-op needs to be better at supplying the electricity.

    Liked by 1 person

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