Ditherington Flax Mill Maltings

Visitor Centre (converted Stables)


26 August 2017


Ditherington, Shrewsbury
SJ 49855 13826; 52.71974°N, 2.74382°W


Ditherington Flax Mill Maltings was previously featured here in GeoTopoi in December 2011. Since then there have various changes at the site, the most significant being the opening in November 2015 in the converted offices and stables of a Visitor Centre. The opening of the centre is the first phase of a restoration project undertaken by a partnership between Historic England, Friends of Flaxmill Maltings and Shropshire Council. The second phase, which will result in a mixed-use redevelopment of the historic buildings, is proceeding thanks to the subvention of the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Other changes include the demolition of various later structures on the site, such as the massive concrete silos built in the 1950s and 60s (North Silo and South Silo). Public access is currently limited to the Visitor Centre and a small area to the rear of the mill buildings.

Further Reading

Ditherington Flax Mill Maltings (GeoTopoi, 2011);
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Visitor Centre (converted Stables)

Cross Mill

The following photographs are from the previous visit to the mill in 2011.

Hoist Tower, Kiln and Warehouse. [From GeoTopoi, December 2011]

North Silo (left) and Cross Mill (right). [From GeoTopoi, December 2011]

South Silo. [From GeoTopoi, December 2011]


15 thoughts on “Ditherington Flax Mill Maltings

  1. A shame they demolished the silo’s as they’re part of the narrative (as they say) but I expect they’re not aesthetically pleasing to the tourists. Ditherington is such a great place name, I imagine lots of people flapping about saying ‘what to do? what to do?’ 🙂

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