Scotch Whisky Experience

Gaelic coffee


19 August 2018


Royal Mile, Edinburgh
NT 25421 73524; 55.94891°N, 3.19579°W


The Scotch Whisky Experience opened in 1988 as The Scotch Whisky Heritage Centre in a joint venture by 19 different Scotch whisky companies. The visitor attraction changed its name to the present one in 2006 and in 2008 it became home to the Diageo Claive Vidiz Whisky Collection – a collection of over 3,000 bottles built up over 35 years by Brazilian whisky enthusiast Claive Vidiz. The centre offers tours and whisky tutoring and features a shop and the Amber Restaurant & Whisky Bar.

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Scotch Whisky Experience

Scotch Whisky Experience

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