21 August 2018


Campbeltown, Kintyre, Argyll and Bute
NR 72150 20344; 55.42384°N, 5.60224°W


With a population of c. 5,000, Campbeltown is the most southerly main settlement in the Kintyre peninsula. It also lays claim to being the westernmost town in mainland Great Britain. Originally known as Kinlochkilkerran, the town was renamed in the 17th century after Archibald Campbell (1629-1685), 9th Earl of Argyll and Chief of Clan Campbell.

Campbeltown’s importance grew as its industries of fishing, shipbuilding and whisky production thrived. 34 whisky distilleries have been established in the town, with 25 in concurrent operation in its heyday in the mid 19th century, and its fishing fleet numbered more than 600 vessels. Today, shipbuilding has disappeared, fishing activity has vastly reduced, and there are at present three whisky distilleries in operation in the town.





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