Aira Force

Aira Force


24 August 2019


Aira Force, Aira Beck, Cumbria
NY 39949 20524; 54.57632°N, 2.93049°W


Aira Force is a 21-metre-high waterfall on the river Aira Beck, which flows into Ullswater. It is one of the most visited waterfalls in the Lake District and is situated within Gowbarrow Park, 300 hectares of grounds purchased in 1906 by the National Trust. The grounds were landscaped and an arboretum planted in the 18th century by the Howard family of Greystoke Castle, which is located some 7 miles to the north.

Further Reading

Aira Force and Ullswater (National Trust)

Aira Force

Aira Force

Lower footbridge

Aira Force

Viewing platform


Photographer I

Photographer II

Aira Force

Higher Force

Higher Force

Higher Force

Higher Force


Balance meister

End of the trail

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