Ogwen Visitor Centre

Benches leading towards the Cwm Idwal trailhead


28 March 2020


Llyn Ogwen

SH 64993 60372
; 53.12336°N, 4.01897°W


Further Reading

Ogwen Visitor Centre

Deserted visitor centre, with Tryfan in the background

Closed car park, looking towards Pen yr Ole Wen

Closed car park

“Do not visit Gwynedd or Snowdonia”

11 thoughts on “Ogwen Visitor Centre

  1. These pictures say so much – as does the notice at the end. I had cause to drive through our town this morning to help someone get groceries and was struck by how deserted the roads and pavements are – as if the population has been removed. This gives familiar places an eerie feeling. We are still waiting to know what form of exercise we will be allowed once the Level 4 phase begins on 1st May.

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    • Yes “eerie” is exactly right.

      The UK government is set to review our restrictions again on 7 May, but it sounds unlikely that much will change this time. They have been quite reticent about discussing any future plans with regards to an eventual exit strategy for fear of “confusing” the public.


    • Thanks fraggles! Yes, Tryfan and the rest of the Glyderau range have all been closed (as well as Snowdon). It was quite surreal seeing the stretch of the A5 alongside the lake deserted, as there are normally loads of walkers’ cars there.

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  2. so many empty benches… 😦
    hope the situation there improves fast!! I read iin your comments above that measures may be changed after May 7? are schools still closed?

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    • They might be changed, but it’s probably unlikely. The government has set a review date for the measures every three weeks and the next one is coming up. Yes, schools are still closed here. When they do eventually re-open there is talk of it being a phased approach.


  3. So beautiful…will be nice when it opens again. We are all looking forward to getting out of prison! On the 4th we will be able to take walks! Whoohoo!!!! Even go for a drive within our region…looking forward to it….

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  4. It’s sad to see, and I hope it changes soon. The sign is strongly worded and to-the-point. The bench positioning is very strange – do you think they were turned that way as another way to discourage anyone from spending time there? You were clever to line that first photo up that way!

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