Treborth Peace Statue 🕊

Dreamer of Peace, by Kaivalya Torpy


17 October 2020


Treborth Botanic Garden
SH 55117 71230; 53.21829°N, 4.17138°W


From the interpretation panel by the statue:

O dreamers of peace, come.
Let us walk together.
O lovers of peace, come.
Let us run together.
O servers of peace, come.
Let us grow together.

— Sri Chinmoy.

“This peace statue was donated by the Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run, the world’s longest relay.

“The runners carry with them a flaming peace torch, like the one on this statue. Along the route, wherever they stop, the torch is passed from hand to hand and heart to heart, and whoever holds it can make their own wish for peace. We all have an important and unique role to play in making the world a more harmonious place.

“So if you would like to join us…

“Hold the peace torch…
Offer your own hope for peace
— a good thought, a contemplation,
a moment of silence…

“In appreciation and celebration of these gardens, the Peace Run donated this statue when the runners visited on 4 August 2019. It was unveiled by Lord Dafydd Elis-Thomas, PC, AM, a long-time supporter of Treborth Botanic Garden.

“The statue — Dreamer of Peace — by Kaivalya Torpy, was inspired by the founder of the Peace Run, Sri Chinmoy (1931 – 2007) — poet, philosopher, man of peace. Placed in the beautiful setting of this Botanic Garden, it joins others worldwide — each one embodying a vision of peace that is both contemplative and dynamic. The peace statue invites you to rest here awhile and enjoy the healing power of nature.”

Further Reading

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Treborth Peace Statue

Treborth Peace Statue

Treborth Peace Statue

Treborth Peace Statue

Treborth Peace Statue

Treborth Peace Statue

8 thoughts on “Treborth Peace Statue 🕊

    • Thanks, Lynn. I only became aware of this statue a few months ago – it is located on a trail I rarely visit. I finally got round to revisiting to photograph it at the weekend.

      Wales is set to enter a “firebreak” national lockdown from this Friday evening, so I won’t be able to venture out for a couple of weeks (at least – who knows what they’ll say after the 16-day lockdown finishes?)


      Liked by 1 person

      • Wales hasn’t been in the news over here – we read about Europe and England having trouble but that’s about it. Never having heard of a firebreak lockdown, I looked up “Wales lockdown firebreak” and heard about it. I’m really sorry to hear that this is necessary and I do hope it works. I can’t imagine not being able to go out at all, even for walks, but maybe there are ways to get outside – I guess it depends on where you live, how much space is around you. It does make sense that an extreme lockdown for a defined amount of time might have the best chance of stemming the tide. Over here it’s a hodge-podge of regulations in different states, and on a more local level, in different counties. As I’m sure you’ve heard, things aren’t going well here, perhaps primarily because there isn’t a strong, clear message from the so-called leader. Take care and stay sane, Graham!


        • Yeah, it seems ‘England’ often gets used metonymously to mean the whole of the UK. We also have a bit of a hodge podge here as restrictions are the responsibility of the devolved administrations in Scotland, N Ireland and Wales, with the UK government only responsible for this in England – which is a bit of a shambles as there is a new ‘tiered’ system there, but the UK Gov can’t agree with all the local councils with regards to moving separate areas into different tiers.

          Under the Welsh ‘firebreak’ we’ll be allowed to leave the house for certain reasons – e.g. essential shopping, work (if you can’t WFH), exercise (as long as it is ‘local’). All leisure and non-food retail will have to shut down. The intention is to try to ‘buy some time’ ahead of potential overwhelm over the winter.

          Thanks for your wishes – all the best with the situation over there too!

          Stay safe and be well, Lynn



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