16 thoughts on “Snow labyrinth

  1. Great work. Very nice both creatively and photographically.
    It’s not easy making things like that in the snow and even harder photographing them. There is no room for error and keeping the shape balanced is certainly tricky. Unless you are one of the people who regularly makes crop circles??? 🙂
    I sometimes leave big designs in the snow for people to find.
    My first post on Postcard Cafe many years ago was a big ‘Hello’ written in the snow on top of a multi story car park where it could be viewed from nearby offices. The letters were at least 3 metres high and I made sure there were no foot-prints between each letter and only one point where you can see the lettering started with a trail leading to the ‘H’. These creative decisions while playing in the snow are important! I made it at night and photographed it the next morning. It is on the link below where clicking on the thumbnail will place the images in a gallery.
    Best wishes, Mr C

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