18 thoughts on “The Source

    • Thanks, Anne. The water there was very shallow and the vegetation floating on the surface was creating fascinating forms, especially when viewed against the sun. Very glad you liked it.



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      • That’s a nice elevation – I like the wild look of it. How wonderful that you can walk there, or I assume, take a short drive there. I’m practically at sea level and boy do I feel it if I go really high. We have a few major peaks with roads going up as high as 1500m and more, one of which is a little more than two hour’s drive. It’s such a drastic change, going from down here to up there.
        Is that a type of grass in the last photo (and two others)?

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        • There is no road access that gets you any closer, so it’s by foot all the way.

          That’s great that you have some high-level roads where you are. The tallest of my local mountains is 1085m (Snowdon – actually the highest in Wales and England (but not Scotland!)), and the closest road to that is at 359m. Just done some googling to discover that the highest road pass in Wales is in the south and only reaches 549m – so somewhat tiddly on your scale of things!

          I’m afraid I don’t know the identity of that trailing pond weed that was proliferating on the water’s surface.

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          • Thank you for all the information…if you live in a place where a long hike takes you to a place like this, that’s a good thing. 🙂 I don’t know the plant that grows in our alpine ponds either but it looks very similar. So pretty, like silk.

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