Coming soon…

Initially inspired by a thought-provoking bluebrightly blog post exploring edges and liminal states and spaces, a forthcoming series here on GeoTopoi is dedicated to liminality.

Selected material from the archives has been organised into a number of thematic sequences, all related to the central concept in some way – some perhaps obvious and literal, others perhaps coming more from a personal, subjective feeling.

You can read more about this up-coming series here:

10 thoughts on “Coming soon…

  1. I’m with Anne. What a great idea. You got me so side-tracked this morning that I forgot to comment. Thanks for the link but more importantly, thank you for dwelling in the liminal space so thoroughly. I’m very much looking forward to this.

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  2. Oh Graham – this is indeed will be a very interesting series. Liminality stretches our thinking. I am going to enjoy this exploration with you, especially given our current reality. We are experiencing ambiguity and disorientation brought about by our emerging technologies and the demand to rapidly adapt to a ever-changing mercurial environment. Sometimes it feels good just to stand in the doorway.

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