Llanfairfechan Promenade


19 July 2021


SH 67906 75446; 53.25950°N, 3.98171°W


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9 thoughts on “Llanfairfechan Promenade

  1. Fish ‘n chips just doesn’t seem right inside a polystyrene package instead of being wrapped in newspaper. Actually, the latter hasn’t been used here for decades so I am harking back …

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  2. Good morning, It’s been a long while since I’ve made time to say hello. Currently enjoying coffee at one of my favorite coffee shops and looking at emails. Looks like you are still making many lovely photos! If you don’t mind my asking, are you still content with WordPress as a site for your photos? I was thinking of joining and appreciate any feedback.

    With kind regards, Amy

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    • Hey, nice to hear from you Ms Moon. Good to hear you are chillin’ with a cuppa joe. No complaints with WordPress, really. Well… maybe just a few minor ones – but that would be quite churlish given that it is all free…



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