9 thoughts on “Tatton Park

    • Funny you should mention that – I went there specifically to see the Japanese Garden. So I was a little disappointed that you can’t actually walk through it. It seems there are guided tours of it, but not on the day I was there. And anyway, who wants to be guided around a space designed to be quietly enjoyed by just being there?

      I guess they don’t trust the general public to respect the space. Sadly, I can’t really blame them, having seen the antics of some families with children visiting the rest of the gardens.

      Anyhow, I wandered around the perimeter fence and took some photographs looking in. Those will be featured in an upcoming post here, so stay tuned if you are interested.



  1. I’ll look forward to that post and seeing some photos of it, even though they’re just from the outside.

    We were looking for somewhere to break our journey (don’t like service stations!) and thought of Tatton Park because I’d read that there was a Japanese garden there. When I found out that we couldn’t go round it we went to a nature reserve instead!

    Going on a guided walk in a Japanese garden rather defeats the object but I suppose it’s interesting for people who want to find out about the planting and design.

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