Quarry Bank Mill

Date: 24 August 2021

Location: Quarry Bank Mill, Styal, Manchester 53.343937,-2.249986

In 1784 Belfast-born industrialist Samuel Greg (1758 – 1834) built the cotton mill, which would become the largest textile mill in the country, at Quarry Bank. Greg also built Quarry Bank House as his family residence right next to the mill, which operated 13 hours a day and employed hundreds of workers, the majority of which were children. He also built a housing estate, with a school and chapel, to accommodate the workers, albeit in very cramped conditions.

The site was donated to the National Trust in 1939 and production continued at the mill until 1959. The mill has been restored and its machinery, including the largest waterwheel in the UK, is still in operation.

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12 thoughts on “Quarry Bank Mill

  1. Without reading your text, I was amazed at the end of the slideshow to see the mill still operating. I like the way you included diagonally tilted photos and went from the outside overview to the inner workings. These old factory buildings are beautiful. And this was built in the 18th century? Amazing, and it’s wonderful that it’s been preserved. Also wonderful that things have come a long way since the early days of industrialization. Now I’m going to look at the videos. Thanks for posting!

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