Date: 18 December 2021

Location: Gwydyr Forest, Llanrwst, 53.1237°, -3.80588°


"The Caerdroia, meaning ‘Castle of Turns’, is an ancient Welsh folk tradition of Labyrinth Making that died out in the 18th Century. Caerdroia were created as a stage for May Day festivities by shepherds who cut the distinctive 7 circuit shape from turf on hill tops.

"Likewise, this modern day Caerdroia created by local artists and poets stages community performances each year that celebrate the unique cultural heritage of the Gwydyr Forest. At other times this mile long path is open for you to wander and is best done so alone and in contemplation.

Plaque below the slate model depicting the Ariadne’s Thread of the 7-circuit classical labyrinth

The forest labyrinth was created in 2005 and is maintained by Llanrwst-based social enterprise Golygfa Gwydyr. With a path length of one mile, it is said to be largest of its kind in the world.

Unfortunately, on this occasion the path of the labyrinth was blocked by fallen trees blown over during Storm Arwen.

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12 thoughts on “Caerdroia

  1. It’s hard to imagine a labyrinth that large, wow. Have you walked it before, when it was accessible? I’ve walked them indoors and out – anytime I see one, I walk it! I love the experience but it would be different at that scale, where you aren’t so aware of the entire labyrinth around you.

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    • Yes, I was wondering what it would be like to walk it, along forest paths between the trees without seeing the full context of the route… Unfortunately, that was my first visit to the site and I have no idea if/when the paths will be cleared again…


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