13 thoughts on “Mamod

  1. Great set of shots.
    I’d forgotten about these little steam engines. I suspect now any child playing with one of these would have the health and safety hit squad on their doorstep within moments of lighting the methylated spirit burner! Sadly I suspect they have disappeared from a child’s toy box for the same reasons chemistry sets went out of fashion. Who didn’t enjoy growing copper sulphate crystals 🙂

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    • Thank you so much, Mr C. This little engine must be around 50 years old. It had seized up a bit from many years of storage in the attic, but worked first time after a good clean & lube.

      Apparently the litte boiler gets sooooooo darned hot – who knew it needed that HOT steam to work?

      And, yeah, used to like playing with CuS04 and all the rest… (even though it tasted a bit funny!) 😉😜


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