7 thoughts on “LMNLTY:09:A Tunnels

    • Oh, thank you, Lynn! #4 is the same tunnel as that in the selfie of #1. It is known as the “smoke flue adit” as it carried the exhaust gases of an underground steam engine at that slate mine. The slate lining of the adit is somewhat sooty!


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      • Another new word – adit. Mining is a rough business…I think my Welsh ancestors probably came over here to mine coal but my grandfather, Thomas Colburn Davis, steered clear of it and found other ways to make his way in the New World. When I think of the office he had in a Manhattan skyscraper compared to the coal mines of West Virginia, where he was born, it’s a stark contrast. He gave his kids (my mother & uncle) a better life than they would have had if he’d stayed in WV, and I benefited. But mining was most likely the opportunity that brought his own forebears here in the first place….

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