Touchstone ‘Maze’, Strathpeffer

Date: 24 August 2022

Location: Blackmuir Wood, Strathpeffer 57.5838629,-4.5259344

"The Touchstone Maze was designed by artist Helen Rowson using rocks donated by quarries across Scotland.

"It’s technically a labyrinth rather than a maze because there’s a single path through it and no dead ends, making it impossible to get lost.

"Labyrinths like this one have been used for thousands of years to help people find peace and clarity in their lives. Running, skipping or walking slowly along its spiralling path can make you more reflective and balanaced, as well as more playful!"

"Circles of stone

The Touchstone Maze isn’t ancient – it was built in 1994 – but the 81 boulders here are millions of years old. They came from quarries across the Highlands and Islands and reflect Scotland’s complex geological map.

Interpretation panel

Further reading

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Lewisian gneiss from Ullapool – the oldest rock type in Britain. This slab is almost 3 billion years old – two thirds the age of the planet.

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