Aircraft Crash Sites

The pictures of the crash sites posted here form part of an ongoing personal project to visit
and photograph the scenes and what now remains of the wreckage of these aircraft.

Hiking to these remote spots in Snowdonia certainly provides an interesting challenge. I am,
however, no real aircraft enthusiast, so you have my apologies in advance for any factual errors
relating to the aircraft details.

The information that I have has been gleaned from research on the web. Two resources worthy
of special mention in this regard are Peak District Air Accident Research, which provides a lot
of interesting background detail, and Peak Wreck Hunters, which provides extremely useful grid
references for the locations that the authors visit.

The location coordinates provided in the posts here were all measured on site.

And finally, if you are visiting any of these sites, please do remember that they are considered
to be ‘war graves’ and therefore serve as memorials to those who perished there. So please treat
them with respect. These locations are in fact protected by law and it is a criminal offence for
anyone without a licence to damage or remove any part of a crashed military aircraft, irrespective
of its nationality or the date of the crash (Protection of Military Remains Act 1986Wikipedia).


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