18 July 2021


Fynnon Caseg, Cwm Caseg, Carneddau
SH 67931 65024; 53.16589°N, 3.97702°W


Ffynnon Caseg (2011);
Ffynnon Caseg (2021)

Foggy Bangor (St David’s Retail Park)

St David's Retail Park

Car park, St David’s Retail Park


19 September 2015


Caernarfon Road, Bangor
SH 57090 71100; 53.21766°N, 4.14179°W


In 1837 the Bangor and Beaumaris Poor Law Union was established and the following year it proposed the setting up of a workhouse in Bangor. The plans, however, were not realised until 1845 when the Glanadda Workhouse was opened on the east side of Caernarfon Road. The workhouse closed in 1929 and the premises were sold to The Bangor Ice Company. The building was demolished in the 1960s to make way for a supermarket and the site is now occupied by Home Bargains.

On the opposite side of Caernarfon Road a new workhouse infirmary was built in 1913-14. It was soon after requisitioned as a military hospital during World War I, when additional hospital accommodation was provided by tents erected in the grounds. The hospital was returned in 1920 and it became a County Hospital in 1930 after the workhouse closed. It was later known as St David’s Hospital and served as a children’s and maternity hospital, coming under the NHS in 1948. The maternity unit was moved to Ysbyty Gwynedd and St David’s was demolished in 1994.

The five-hectare site was purchased from North Wales Regional Health Authority by Widnes-based developers Morbaine and St David’s Retail Park was built there in 2002. Morbaine later sold the park to UBS Global Asset Management who in turn sold it for £14 million in 2011 to London-based Orchard Street Investment Management for its UK Special Situations Fund. The original occupants of the retail park were: Matalan (still there); JJB Sports (now DW Sports Fitness); and PC World (unit now occupied by B & M).


Sun dog over Moel y Ci (‘Dog Hill’) (2)

Sun dog over Moel y Ci


5 August 2011

Viewed from Bethesda, Wales

SH 63219 66497; 53.17793°N, 4.04809°W


A sun dog (or parhelion) is a luminous spot on one or both sides of the sun at the same height as the sun. It is formed by refraction through hexagonal plate crystals of ice in high cirrus clouds.

Featured in NASA Earth Science Division’s Earth Science Picture of the Day, 12 October 2011.

Sun dog over Moel y Ci (‘Dog Hill’), 1 September 2010
Sundogs, Parhelia, Mock Suns (Atmospheric Optics)
Sundog formation (Atmospheric Optics)