Gafrod Niwbwrch

Gafrod Niwbwrch

Gafrod Niwbwrch


17 July 2016


Llyn Rhos Ddu, Newborough, Anglesey
SH 42644 64756; 53.15660°N, 4.35483°W


“This sculpture depicts the ‘gafrod’ of marram grass, harvested and drying in the sun.

“Newborough residents used to harvest the grass every two years and leave it to dry from its green colour to a golden yellow. ‘Gafrod’ was a local term for the bundles of marram standing on end, gathered and tied at the top with a plaited cord of marram.

“Designed by Ann Catrin Evans with the assistance of Newborough’s residents and children.

“Commissioned by the Countryside Council for Wales”

  - Information plaque