Liverpool Cenotaph

Liverpool Cenotaph

Liverpool Cenotaph


24 November 2013

St George’s Plateau, Liverpool

SJ 34978 90640; 53.40854°N, 2.97959°W


Liverpool Cenotaph, situated on St George’s Plateau next to St George’s Hall, was unveiled on 11 November 1930 as a First World War memorial. The monument, designed by architect Lionel Bailey Budden, replaced a previous wooden cenotaph that had been erected on the site following the end of the war. The structure features two 9m-long bronze reliefs by sculptor George Herbert Tyson Smith. The relief on the north-west side depicts ranks of servicemen from the different armed forces marching off to war; that on the south-east side, a sombre scene of mourning for the fallen.

The dates of the Second World War were later added to the memorial and were unveiled on Remembrance Sunday, 1946. The cenotaph was awarded Grade II listed status in 1952 and it was announced on 10 November 2013 that this is being upgraded to Grade I.

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