Fron-boeth Quarry

Cornish boiler next to the ruins of the mill. The inscription on the front reads 'JAs. CARMICHAEL, & Co.'


7 May 2011

Moelwyn Mawr

SH 64592 44648; 52.98200°N, 4.01836°W


Fron-boeth is one of the Croesor group of slate quarries and is located on the lower slopes of Moelwyn Mawr on the other side of a ridge from Cwm Croesor. A processing mill was built here when quarrying moved down from the Pant Mawr quarry higher up on Moelwyn Mawr. A Cornish boiler can still be seen next to the ruins of this mill. (A Cornish boiler was a long horizonal cylinder with a single large internal flue for the furnace running along its length.)

Fron-boeth was served by a tunnel running approximately NW for about 450 m. This joined a level section of tramway on the other side of the ridge, which then met an incline down into Cwm Croesor to join the Croesor Tramway. That incline also served Pant Mawr Quarry. There are two quarried chambers in the tunnel, and it is blocked by a collapse close to the Cwm Croesor end.

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