Eglwys Sadwrn Sant

Eglwys Sadwrn Sant

Eglwys Sadwrn Sant


6 February 2016


Llansadwrn, Anglesey
SH 55365 75877; 53.26011°N, 4.16978°W


Llansadwrn, situated in Cwn Cadnant on the Isle of Anglesey, is named after St Sadwrn’s Church, which was founded around 500 CE. The present building, erected on the foundations of its medieval precursor, was designed by diocesan architect Henry Kennedy and built in 1881. The church received a Grade II* listing in 1968.

After leaving the military, Sadwrn Farchog (Sadwrn the Knight) came to Wales from Brittany and established a church in what was to become Llansadwrn in Carmarthenshire. He later moved north to Anglesey, where he lived as hermit. A 6th century memorial stone bearing his name was discovered in 1742 and is now set into a wall inside the Anglesey church. Sadwrn’s name in Latin is Saturninus, which can lead to his confusion with various other saints with the same name.

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