Liverpool Central Library I

Liverpool Central Library

Liverpool Central Library


28 August 2015


William Brown Street, Liverpool
SJ 34901 90755; 53.40955°N, 2.98077°W


Liverpool Central Library has its origins in the William Brown Museum and Library, which was built between 1857 and 1860. (It still shares this building with part of what has become the World Museum.) The library was later extended with the addition of the Picton Reading Room, which was built between 1875 and 1879 and was named after Sir James Allanson Picton (1805-1889), who from 1852 was Chairman of the Library, Museum & Arts Committee. It was designed by Liverpool architect Cornelius Sherlock (1823-1888) and was based on the reading room of London’s British Museum. The Hornby Library was added in 1906 to house Hugh Frederick Hornby’s (1826-1899) collection of rare books and prints which he had left to the city together with £10,000 for the building’s construction. The latter was designed by City Surveyor of Liverpool Thomas Shelmerdine (1845-1921).