Port Penrhyn

Port Penrhyn, Bangor

Mussel dredgers B-932 Mare Gratia, BS-8 Valente and BS-12 Lottie Holly, Port Penrhyn, Bangor


28 December 2014

Port Penrhyn, Bangor

SH 59187 72847; 53.23392°N, 4.11117°W


Mussels harvested from the Menai Strait account for more than half of the total UK production from farming of this shellfish. The ‘bottom cultivation’ method is employed, with wild seed mussels being collected from the Irish Sea and laid in sheltered beds in the Menai Strait where they grow for up to three years before being harvested.

The 43m B-932 Mare Gratia was launched in 2003, registered in Belfast, and belongs to Holyhead-based Deepdock Ltd. The Beaumaris registered dredgers the BS-8 Valente (43m) and BS-12 Lottie Holly (24m) both belong to Bangor-based Myti Mussels Ltd. The latter two vessels were built by Maaskant Shipyards in the Netherlands in 2003 and 2013, respectively. Myti Mussels’ catch is landed in 1200kg bags packed onboard after flushing and is transported by truck overnight to the Dutch fishing port Yerseke in Zeeland.

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