LMNLTY: liminality

The LMNLTY series comprises sequences of images in some way related to the concept of liminality – some featuring thresholds in the narrow sense, others coming from a more elastic interpretation. Edges, edginess, boundaries, interfaces, transitions…

The curated collections have been organised into the following themes.


Doors and doorways, literally at the threshold – between inside and outside, or between one bounded space and another.


Glazed, or not. Apertures admitting light into the darkness. Opportunities to look out, or within. Transparent, or obscured, separations between one space and another.


Openings, constructed or natural, again at the threshold of one space and another. The cross-over between doorways and portals was at times obvious, at others somewhat arbitrary.


Corridors, walkways, communications between one space and another, but with their own extension through space – ‘stretched out’ thresholds. Spaces in some way enclosed – covered, bounded at the sides, or both.


Stairs, steps, ladders. All means of quantised vertical translation. Going up. Or going down. Amenities for transitions in level.


Railways, tramways. Routes for transportation from one place to another. Transitions through space tightly constrained to a given locus.

Roads, tracks, paths

Again, routes for transportation from one place to another, but not as restrictive as rails. Bridges, viaducts, aqueducts, and labyrinths have also been included.

Fences, barriers, walls

Markers of spatial boundaries, of varying physical solidity. Restricting ingress, or egress. Gates, railings, fences, boundary walls.


Subterranean passages, from brick-lined railway tunnels to quarry adits. Starting above ground and transitioning to below ground, driving through obstacles, or accessing underground resources. Entering a dark, transitional realm until re-emergence into daylight.


Light defining edges emerging from the dark giving rise to form.


Mostly abandoned, these locations, in common with Ruins, have a certain temporal liminality, existing in the now, but harking back to bygone times. They evoke a strangely nostalgic sense of otherness.


Abandoned, derelict, forlorn, forsaken. Decaying, collapsing. Remnants from former times intruding into the present.

Land, sea, sky

Interfaces between the earth, water, and air elements. Intertidal zones, horizons, coastlines, sea, lakes, and a canalised river.


An assortment of images evoking some sense of liminality, but which stubbornly defied attempts to integrate them into the selected sequences of the themes above. Oddments. Bits and bobs. A miscellany.

“Why mourn for a cocoon
After the butterfly has flown?”

Deng Ming-Dao, 365 Tao, 1992

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