Cast-iron verandah

Cast-iron verandah


16 March 2014

Vaughan Street, Llandudno

SH 78537 82048; 53.321378, -3.824968


Designed by architect G A Humphreys, the Mostyn Art Gallery opened in 1901 as a public gallery funded by Lady Augusta Mostyn to exhibit works by female artists. The gallery closed twelve years later and the building was subsequently put to a variety of uses until eventually reopening as an art gallery, Oriel Mostyn, in 1979. Now branded simply as ‘Mostyn’, the gallery of contemporary art underwent a three-year programme of renovation and extension which was completed in 2010.

Further Reading

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Portal arch, 1901 red-brick and terracotta façade

Portal arch, 1901 red-brick and terracotta façade





8 thoughts on “Mostyn

  1. Loving the measured tones of the terracotta shot- beautiful. And the way the far table edge descends off into blur behind the teapot. It,s such a lovely building.


  2. Te he nominado al premio Dardo es un reconocimiento a muy especial porque reconoce valores personales, éticos, culturales y literarios transmitidos a través de la escritura.


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