Hack Green Secret Nuclear Bunker

Date: 25 August 2021

Location: Hack Green, Nantwich, Cheshire 53.027496,-2.530728

The former air force base RAF Hack Green featured a reinforced concrete bunker, which was re-purposed as a Regional Government Headquarters (RGHQ) when the Home Office took over the site in 1976. The site became operational in 1984, responsible for ‘Home Defence Region 10’. There were 11 such regions, each with an RGHQ, across the UK forming a network intended to allow government to continue to function in the event of a nuclear attack on the UK. The network was abandoned in the early 1990s following the end of the Cold War. The bunker at Hack Green was purchased by Rodney Siebert and opened to the public as a museum in 1997.

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21 thoughts on “Hack Green Secret Nuclear Bunker

  1. Reading the comments now I see you already said, “sobering.” Well, it is. And Dutch angle – I’ve never heard of that and found the Wiki article interesting. Most of the other “Dutch” terms in the article aren’t used here to my knowledge – it’s all greek to me. ๐Ÿ˜‰ But very interesting.

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