Pont y Pandy (Ynysypandy) Slate Mill, Cwmystradllyn

Ynysypandy Slate Mill


4 September 2010


(A) SH 55018 43381; 52.96811°N, 4.16028°W
(B) SH 57346 45081; 52.98401°N, 4.12640°W
(C) SH 57372 45311; 52.98609°N, 4.12612°W

Further Information

Completed in 1857, the mill, owned by the ‘Bangor and Portmadoc Slate and Slab Company’, was built to process slate slabs from the unsuccessful and short-lived Gorseddau Quarry nearby. It was powered by an 8 m diameter waterwheel and was served by two tramways: one bringing slate from the quarry, the other taking the finished product to the port at Porthmadog. The company went out of business in 1871.

Ynys-y-Pandy Slate Mill, (Royal Commission on the ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales)
Felin Llechi – Pont y Pandy – Slate Mill (penmorfa.com)

Ynysypandy Slate Mill

Ynysypandy Slate Mill

Ynysypandy Slate Mill

Ynysypandy Slate Mill

Waterwheel pit

Waterwheel pit

Waterwheel pit

Information panel

Information panel

Information panel

Gorseddau Quarry - (B)

Looking towards Llyn Cwmystradllyn from Gorseddau Quarry - (C)


3 thoughts on “Pont y Pandy (Ynysypandy) Slate Mill, Cwmystradllyn

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  2. This is quite intriguing, a piece of industrial dereliction that has been preserved in a derelict state. It’s something you see with castles, but not with industrial buildings.

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