Moelwyn Mawr and Moelwyn Bach

Llyn Stwlan, the upper reservoir for Ffestiniog Power Station, from Craigysgafn (B). The concrete dam and intake towers can be seen on the right, with the lower reservoir at Tanygrisiau below.


26 June 2011


(A) SH 65821 44862; 52.98423°N, 4.00016°W
(B) SH 65991 44332; 52.97951°N, 3.99740°W
(C) SH 66028 43754; 52.97433°N, 3.99661°W
(D) SH 63574 43762; 52.97378°N, 4.03314°W


The Moelwynion group of mountains in Snowdonia are to be found roughly in an area with Porthmadog and Capel Curig at its south-west and north-east ends, respectively. The highest peak in the range is Moel Siabod (872 m) and the name of the group comes from Moelwyn Mawr (Big White Hill), 770 m, and Moelwyn Bach (Little White Hill), 710 m. A rocky ridge, Craigysgafn, separates these two mountains and overlooks Llyn Stwlan, the top reservoir of Ffestiniog Power Station at Tanygrisiau below. This 360 MW pumped-storage hyroelectric power station began service in 1963 and was the first major facility of its kind in the UK.

Ffestiniog Power Station (First Hydro)

Craigysgafn and Moelwyn Bach from Moelwyn Mawr (A). The man-made reservoir Llyn Trawsfynydd and the disused nuclear power station on its near shore can be seen in the distance.

Summit of Moelwyn Bach (C), with Llyn Trawsfynydd in the distance.

From left to right, Moelwyn Mawr, Craigysgafn and Moelwyn Bach, seen from the west (D)


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