Ogwen Bank Falls

Afon Ogwen at Ogwen Bank


27 November 2011

Ogwen Bank, Bethesda

SH 62633 65403; 53.16795°N, 4.05639°W


This cascade is on the Afon Ogwen just downstream from Pont Ogwen — a stone bridge by the entrance to Ogwen Bank Holiday Park and Country Club which now serves to provide access to Lon Las Ogwen cycle track for pedestrians and cyclists.

Popular with canoeists when it is swolen after heavy rain, the Ogwen is reckoned to be one of the UK’s top ten white-water rivers.

Afon Ogwen at Ogwen Bank

Afon Ogwen at Ogwen Bank

Afon Ogwen at Ogwen Bank

7 thoughts on “Ogwen Bank Falls

  1. Very nice set. Shot no.2 is very well composed and exposed- the water in the falls behind looks like a dancing figure, as if you have captured the spirit of the river. I also like the exposure of the water in the first canoe/kayak shot, it’s just the right speed to capture the essential movement, like painting with water.


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