Penmon Point, Anglesey

Trwyn Du Lighthouse and Puffin Island from Penmon Point


25 September 2010

Penmon Point, Anglesey

SH 64095 81397 53.31200°N, 4.04136°W

Further Information

The 29 m tall Trwyn Du (Black Point) Lighthouse was established by Trinity House in 1838. It became unmanned in 1922 and in 1996 it was converted to use solar power.

Puffin Island (Ynys Seiriol) is privately owned by the Baron Hill Estate and is a Special Protection Area on account of its birdlife. The 6th century saint, Seiriol, founded a monastic community on the island, and there are ruins there of medieval buildings.

Trwyn Du Lighthouse (Trinity House)
Puffin Island, Anglesey (Wikipedia)

Trwyn Du Lighthouse from Penmon Point

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