Hanson jetty and conveyor, Llanddulas

Hanson jetty


13 November 2010

Llanddulas, Conwy

SH 89669 78537; 53.29226°N, 3.65671°W Jetty
SH 89698 78200; 53.28923°N, 3.65614°W Llysfaen Quarry

Further Information

The jetty, owned by Hanson, closed in 1993. The conveyor runs from Llysfaen Quarry (a former limestone quarry) though a tunnel below the A547 to a works on the north side of the road. It then carries on under the A55 and the railway down to the jetty.

Nearby to the west, the Raynes jetty, owned by Cemex, is still in operation. Its conveyor transports limestone aggregates straight from Raynes Quarry to vessels berthed at the jetty for loading.

The dolosse are interlocking concrete blocks acting as a defence against coastal erosion. They were first developed in South Africa in 1963 and act by dissipating the energy of the waves.

Cemex jetty (Ports and Harbours of the UK); Dolos (Wikipedia)

Hanson jetty, with the Raynes jetty just visible in the background



Jetty building

Jetty building



Aggregate hoppers

Conveyor controls

Conveyor controls

Conveyor control room

Conveyor control room


Conveyor - on south side of A55

Conveyor - on south side of A55

Entrance of conveyor tunnel in Llysfaen Quarry

7 thoughts on “Hanson jetty and conveyor, Llanddulas

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  3. Thanks for pointing this out – there are some fab shots here, very considered and thoughtful. Black and white works so well here esp with #4, #9 and my favourite, 15. I had forgotten this jetty was there back then, It seemed to disappear without my noticing.


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