Abermenai Point

Looking over Traeth Abermenai towards Abermenai Point (top left at the end of the thin dark strip visible below the mountains - this is the peninsula Braich Abermenai)


19 November 2011

Newborough, Anglesey

SH 44146 61360; 53.12654°N, 4.33073°W


Abermenai point sits at the end of Braich Abermenai, a sand bar extending out into the Menai Strait from the dunes of Newborough Warren. Shortcuts to the point across the flats of Traeth Abermenai are possible when the tide is out, but the Ordnance Survey map warns of the danger of these public rights of way under tidal conditions. The southwestern entrance to the Menai Strait narrows to a channel 350 metres wide between Abermenai Point on the Anglesey side and the tip of the Dinlle peninsula — location of Fort Belan — on the mainland. Abermenai Point was once the location of a Ferry House. With 12th-century literary references (Life of Gruffudd ap Cynan), this route is possibly the earliest documented Menai ferry service.

Abermenai (The Menai Straits 2000 years of history)

Looking over the Menai Strait's narrow entrance to Fort Belan

Fort Belan from Abermenai Point

11 thoughts on “Abermenai Point

  1. A beautiful opening shot with a great sense of space. There are all sorts of echos of the mountain skyline in the foreground sand too. I have happy memories of the similar view from Newborough. I spent many summer evenings there trying to capture just this sort of shot, with, I have to say, limited success!


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