Lligwy Burial Chamber

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Date: 27 August 2021

Location: Moelfre, Anglesey 53.350082,-4.252709

"This small burial chamber was constructed around five thousand years ago at the end of the Neolithic.

"It contained the bones of up to 30 men, women and children.

"The massive limestone capstone is said to weigh over 25 tons. It would originally have been covered with a mound of turf and soil, like the nearby burial chambers at Bryn Celli Du and Barclodiad y Gawres.

"The local farming community enlarged a natural gap in the limestone pavement to create the burial chamber.

"If you look around you, you will see the naturally weathered slabs of the limestone pavement, raised above the surrounding fields.

"The heavy slab was probably levered up from where it lay, rather than dragged here. Smaller upright stones were wedged beneath it to raise it above the gap.

"The people who built it had no access to metal tools, which makes it all the more remarkable."

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7 thoughts on “Lligwy Burial Chamber

  1. Thank you, Graham, this isn’t something I’ll find around here. It’s very moving in its ancientness. Down the wormhole I went, Exploring Moelfre and surrounding places, thinking it would be nice to stay a few days there….and thinking that maybe I’m connected to the people who were buried there…way, way back.

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