Penrhyn Quarry

Penrhyn Quarry with the Carneddau in the background


12 February 2011

Mynydd Llandegai

SH 61511 65864; 53.17180°N, 4.07335°W

Further Information

Penrhyn Quarry was first developed in the 1770s by Richard Pennant, the first Baron Penrhyn, and was at one stage the world’s largest slate quarry. Today it is operated by Welsh//Slate Ltd.

Welsh//Slate; Penrhyn Quarry (; Penrhyn Quarry (Wikipedia)

Slate processing operations

Penrhyn Quarry

Mounds of processed slate aggregate

7 thoughts on “Penrhyn Quarry

  1. Although I vaguely knew this place existed, I’d never seen photos of it. I’m also intrigued by the piles of processed slate, reminds me of the piles of coal at power stations.


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